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We support life in our region


Everyone can help improve the world we live in. Although the overall context is a proverbial drop in the sea, it is a natural commitment and pleasure for us to support charitable, cultural and sporting activities that contribute to the development of our region and enrich its life.

We care about the environment in which we live and we are happy to help take care of it.


We provide sponsorship gifts to the following organizations:



  • Gaudeamus Foundation

  • Wheelchair Sports Club (SKVRZ)

  • BTSDB fitness club os

  • Cycling club SPORTBLAŽ

  • Club of plastic modeling AVZO Cheb

  • Community awareness community

  • House of Children and Youth Owl

  • ČSV

  • Vladimir Hana

  • Dakota Cheb Scout Center

  • Endowment fund for oncolocks

  • Waldorf Elementary School and Kindergarten Karlovy Vary, Cheb

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