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Company history

In 1990, polygraphic production was started in a small printing house in the garage of a family house called "HAKL - printing". The next company, HB Print sro, was founded in 1995. We moved to the existing premises in 2002, when their complete reconstruction also took place. At the same time, the machine park was modernized, including the acquisition of new printing machines. The extensive extension of the building in 2005 made it possible to increase the volume of production and improve customer service. Since 2008, we have expanded our services to include publishing houses.


In the years 2009 to 2014, we received three subsidies under the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation, which modernized the entire production from pre-press preparation to bookbinding.


In the years 2015 to 2016, the technological equipment of the bookbinding part was fine-tuned, but above all we focused on soft factors in the form of investments in the development of skills and qualifications of our employees and continued optimization of internal processes.


The year 2017 became another milestone in our history. By purchasing a new printing machine, we doubled the format of the printing sheets. At the same time, we replaced and supplemented the bookbinding machines to the B1 format. The installation of an automatic V1 binding line also brings a significant change.


The period 2018 to 2020 is marked by the re-optimization of internal processes, which we perceive as a continuous process, and the addition of technology to other machines - sheet computer, creaser, automatic pallet wrapper and online three-cut, thanks to which we launch a line for V2 binding.

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